Company: EnQuest

Project: Fire and Gas Upgrade

Location: Thistle Alpha Platform, North Sea, UKCS


In 2013, PEAK was approached by EnQuest in order to develop a fire, gas, and smoke philosophy shut down hierarchy for the Thistle platform – post LLX. This was to cover the whole platform, including process, utilities, mothballed modules, drilling and accommodation.


PEAK put together a comprehensive philosophy which listed all inputs, and where conflict existed. Once these were identified, PEAK outlined the justification for the preferred approach.

The team at PEAK then developed an overarching fire and gas shutdown hierarchy. This was aligned with the overall platform shutdown hierarchy post LLX, along with an action matrix for each module, and its fire, gas and smoke detections, as well as all MAC initiations.


A complete platform upgrade in fire and gas detection, and emergency shut down levels was successfully completed. This ensured emergency response systems complied with rigorous performance standards.